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Knockout Productions' first Web-Series "Comic Timings of Life" is about exactly what you think it is! All the ups and downs of life working, seemingly against each other, to create a comedic, light hearted, at times serious, but always enjoyable Web-Series!

Yuri Gore is a composer of all styles. Music for media (Film, Games, TV shows, Web Series, Documentaries), freelance composition, session musician, multi-instrumentalist, Recording/Audio Engineer, Producer and much more...


Yuri Gore is an emerging composer from NSW Australia. After a recent commission from the Newcastle Arts Orchestra, he is now working on the feature film “The Knockoffs.” Yuri's most recently released his first studio album, a collection of pieces for symphony orchestra titled "Destroyer of Man."

Yuri has always been into creating music. From age 7 he has been studying clarinet, but his true love from composition was discovered at age 15 when he started studying guitar.

After this Yuri began composing lots of guitar repertoire, everything from solo classical music to virtuosic metal guitar. During his attendance at Hunter School of the Performing Arts, he started/joined many bands and began writing songs for them, mostly in the style of progressive rock and metal, though branched out to jazz, indie acoustic and many others.

After school Yuri went straight to higher education, studying composition by composer Colin Spiers at the University of Newcastle. Here Yuri begun composing for media, working with other students on game jams and short films. ​

Yuri finished his Bachelor of Composition in December of 2019.