Yuri begun composing for games late 2018 when he found his true passion for composing. He started with game jams and small projects with friends before moving into more serious projects.


- 1943 -

1943 was the unofficial sequel to the classic arcade game 1942. Whilst this game was full of fun new feature, including enhanced game play and a fresh new score, it still stayed true to its archaic roots.

Cold Fantasy.jpg

- Cold Fantasy -

Cold Fantasy is the quest of a warrior as he clams the mountain as his own. You play as this knight during his everlasting battle upon the snow-caped peak. The music is exciting and epic, perfect for entrancing you in this brutal battle.

- Game Jams -

- Suck

- Break the Cycle

- Solomen's Story

Game Jams are small games made in short spaces of time, normally a day or two, where groups battle it out to make the best game, following the Jams criteria.